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I’m Carey Muhammad, a Digital Marketing Technologist living in Chicago.


I’ve been employed for 20 years as a graphic artist, graphic designer, art director, creative director and lately as a digital marketing consultant.  When I was starting out the graphic artist/graphic designer role involved a lot of being told what to do and rising to the occasion putting together the finished products such as brochures, advertisements, banner ads, multi-page layouts, coding a web page or preparing files for printers.


After being a graphic designer I chose to aim for something much more creative. I learned how to control how a viewer absorbs the information presented on-line and in print. I started coming up with concepts and then became the spokesman of those concepts. In order to bring out great concepts I learned  to see the bigger picture, think things through in order to see the problem clearly and then craft a relevant solution. I began managing projects from start to finish. I took responsibility for deadlines, resources, and implementing high standards, all while coordinating with designers, production, photographers, developers, illustrators, printers etc. I was the director.


I stopped waiting to be told what to do and started thinking about the problems the client was facing and how I could start helping by providing answers, being in meetings, approving work, motivating team members and one-on-ones and continued to lead other’s design work. I asked questions to understand where the clients business was going, I learned how to build a creative team. I took total responsibility for the entire creative output.


Today, I lead marketing assignments.